International Internet Meeting (IIM)

The next meeting is August 21st / August 22nd


From Ezekiel 21:25-27

(a) Could we discuss the symbols of Crown and Turban and what they represent?

(b) When was Kingly Authority restored, and to whom? Please include the role of Jesus, Natural Israel, and God’s People.

Who does Joshua represent after the death of Moses, when crossing Jordan, etc.?

Are the Chart of the Ages and Volume Two outdated? Should we be looking at more modern chronology?

Do we have any thoughts on how much time the twelve and seventy spent with our Lord – they were given considerable power and direction when sent out. (See Mark 6:7-13; Luke 10:1-11, etc.)

R4208:page 217, subheading “The Test of Perfect Love” mentions the concept of anarchy in the true Church. Do we see any evidences of this?

If at any point all questions are discussed, the chairman will use his discretion to either cancel the meeting, hold an extended testimony meeting, or ask the attending Brethren for other suggestions.